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British Holidays

Английский язык-->Топики по английскому языку

Праздники в Англии
There are a number of holidays, which are celebrated in Great Britain every year. One of them is, of course, New Year's Day on the first of January. It is not so popular in England as in our country, but it is rather popular in Scotland. On that day people usually visit their friends and there is a lot of dancing and eating.

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Английский язык-->Топики по английскому языку
Elections in Ukraine Elections in Ukraine

Выборы на Украине

Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe and consists of 24 provinces and one autonomous republic. A capital of Ukraine is Kiev. Ukraine became independent in 1991. The country adopted democratic constitution that implies multi-party system in 1996. Constitution also protects basic human rights and liberties.

Ukraine is a republic with separate legislative, executive and judicial branches. Ukraine has a multi-party system. Small parties often create different coalitions or electoral blocs to participate in parliamentary elections.

A head of state and a legislature are elected by the people on national level. The head of Ukraine is the President. Under the Constitution of Ukraine the President guarantees sovereignty of the state and territorial integrity, the observance of human and civil rights and liberties. Population of Ukraine elects the President for a five-year term by universal, equal and direct vote. The current President of Ukraine is Viktor Yushchenko.

Ukraine's legislative branch includes the Ukraine's national parlament (the Verkhovna Rada) that has 450 seats. It is elected for a five-year term. All 450 members of the Verkhovna Rada are elected by proportional representation. Chairman of the Parlament is the speaker. The speaker is elected by secret voting of the parliament's deputies.

The executive branch includes the Cabinet of Ministers. It is headed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers are appointed by the Verkhovna Rada. Local councils and city mayors are elected by the citizens. The President appoints the heads of regional administrations by nomination of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Central Election Commission of Ukraine is responsible for conducting presidential, parliamentary and local government elections in the country. The state budget of Ukraine directly finances the Commission. The Commission consists of 15 members. Each member is appointed for a seven-year term by the Parliament of Ukraine. The Commission elects the head of the Commission, Deputy Chairman, and the secretary of the Commission.

Finally, it should be said that elections are very important for every democratic country. The significant choice is made by the citizens of the country. It will influence their future and the future of the whole country.

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