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William Blake

Английский язык-->Топики по английскому языку

William Blake, English poet, painter and printer, was born on November 28, 1757. You may have read his poems - about the lamb, the tiger, or his sad song about the poor chimney sweep. The strange thing is that in his own time many people thought him mad. Almost a century passed after his death in 1827 before he began to be recognised as a truly great poet and artist.

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Английский язык-->Топики по английскому языку
Extreme Journey Extreme Journey

Ice climbing, river trekking, snowboarding, skysurfing are kinds of extreme journeys that have become popular last ten years. During the extreme journey a man can feel the speed, excitement and risk.

Extreme journey always has an element of danger. For example an ice climbing. It is an extreme sport. Beginners should know some basic techniques before trying to ice climb. They shound find a professional instructor, experienced ice climber and buy special equipment.

To feel the great excitement you should choose the bungee jumping. It was created in New Zealand. A man jumps off a bridge, a building, or crane and feels the freedom during the several seconds of the fall. Just before he hits the ground or water, an elastic rope pulls him back. But you should remember about possible injuries during a jump.

An extreme journey in the air is a skysurfing. Skysurfing is one of the types of the parachute sport. It is a command sport. The team consists of two men – skysurfer and air operator. A man jumps out of aeroplane and «surfs» the air using a special board. This board is similar to snowboard. During the free fall skyserfer does different acrobatic elements. Of course it needs some practice and a man should learn some techniques.

Snowboarding is an excitement and dangerous surfing on snow. It is similar to skiing, surfing and skateboarding, but it is more dangerous. Snowboarding has different styles, with specialized equipment and techniques. The most common styles today are freeride, freestyle, and freerace. But the most dangerous of all winter sports is snowrafting. A man sits in a boat and sails down a mountain at great speed. And a boat is under control.

One of the crazy extreme journeys is an ice diving. You should put on diving equipment and dive under a frozen water. This kind of diving requires special training by a qualified instructor. Diving under arctic ice is one of the most popular types of diving. Special equipment prevents accidental sinking into the water.

If you want to feel the risk you should choose such extreme journey as river trekking. But it needs particular skills and a man must be ready for danger accidents – waterfalls, exhaustion, getting lost or storms. Also a man should know the level of the water and the speed of the river and use only a good boat. Nowadays there are no formal schools on river trekking.

So, extreme journey is a good way to feel the speed, excitement and risk. You can choose any type of extreme journey you like, but you should always remember about danger and possible injuries during your journey.