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When we want to buy something, we go to a shop. In my early childhood going shopping was a holiday for me, especially when my Cranny took me with her. I knew for sure, I would get a sweet or a bar of chocolate or an ice-cream, all the things I enjoyed greatly. Recently, shopping is no fun any longer, but my daily duty.

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Queen to Ask for More Queen to Ask for More

While other people make pay claims the Queen sends a Gracious Message to the Commons. But the object is the same.

Mr. Heath is expected to set up a Select Committee to examine the royal finances and Mr. Wilson, who originally undertook to institute a review this year, is expected to be a member.

Another Labour Party man who would very much like to be included is Mr. William Hamilton who makes no secret of his republican leanings. He would like the committee to sit in public.

The Civil List was fixed at £ 475,000 when the Queen came to the throne in 1952. Since this system of payment was instituted in the reign of George III no monarch has asked for a rise during his lifetime.

The Queen's allowance is only £ 3,000 more than that paid to Edward VII. The first hint of royal hardship was given by the Duke of Edinburgh in the United States 18 months ago. He said the royal budget would run into the red at the end of 1971 and recalled that he had recently sold his yacht 'Bloodhound'.

Over the years, however, certain royal bills have been taken over by the State. The postal and telephone account, which before the recent price rises was averaging £ 57,000, has been shouldered by the Post Office. The Queen, of course, has no use for all those stamps with her head on. Her letters go OHMS.

The £ 55,000 a year for the royal trains, the £ 500,000 operating costs of the royal yacht Britannia are met by the Government. Income from the Queen's Duchy of Lancaster estates has considerably increased as property values have risen. The Queen's personal fortune is exempt from death duties. Her personal share of the Civil List, in effect her salary, is 56 60,000. Under the List the allocation for household salaries is £ 105,000; expenses of the household £ 121,800; royal bounty and alms £ 13,000; and supplenentary provisions 95,000.

The separate Consolidated Fund provides sums for the Queen Mother, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Gloucester, the Princess Margaret. The Prince of Wales has £ 220,000 a year from Duchy of Cornwall revenues but gives half of it to the Consolidated Fund. The other royal children will receive State allowances when they are 21, and more when they marry.

Th.Abrahamsen, R.Christophersen, R.Nesshein. Day-to-Day Britain.

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